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Gay boy band members

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Now it's Gayzone; Protest band 4Guyz set to face the world.

James Lance Bass is an American singer, dancer, actor, film, and television producer. He grew up in Mississippi and rose to fame as the bass singer for the. But there's one relic from the heyday of boy bands that I'm not interested members, Kevin Abstract, not only openly identifies as gay. It's not uncommon for a member of a boy band to come out—both N'Sync's Lance Bass and New Kids on the Block's Jonathan Knight have spoken. Bass came out as gay in , making him one of, if not the only, openly gay boy band members in history. His sexuality had been long. Oct. 11, &#; -- Stephen Patrick David Gately, who died at age 33 this weekend, will be best remembered for "coming out" as the gay. June is Pride Month, and Lance Bass of 'NSync, who came out as gay in a People cover story in , tells Yahoo Entertainment that he thinks. The theatrical glam-rock singer seemed like a shoo-in to win American Idol's eighth season in , which would have made him the show's first.

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You know, I honestly didn't know what to make of Boy Banned when I first heard about them. They are basically four guys who are signed to a gay porn company Eurocream — not to do porn, but to be an all-signing, all-dancing gay boy band. Confusing I know. But I guess in this day and age when you can be anything you like as long as you're not hurting anyone, the novelty of being in an openly gay boy band isn't that far of the track if you ask me. If we look at the boy bands of yesteryear, there most always was a gay one in the band in the end…and let's face it, they usually were my favorites…Let's make a list shall we? Well that's where Boy Banned comes in. Now their music has a little bit to be desired. It's euro cheese pop at it's finest and their new single "One World" is like straight outta Pete Waterman's dusty relics, but if you ask me, something has to be said for their honesty. Yes it's a little hard to take them really seriously when they are getting their tops off and performing to the masses all around Pride festivals and such — but I guess if you're gonna be a gay boy band, then do what most gay boy bands would do and appeal to gay audiences. I have to applaud Boy Banned for putting themselves out there, open to ridicule and just going for it. In the music industry, there has been so much covering up of the gay lifestyle that it makes me a little happy that acts like Boy Banned are just busting open the closet doors and being role models for young gay boys around the world via the internet and social networking. I really do hope they can gain wider attention and garner a little respect from us fickle gays in general.

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Boy bands in the '90s weren't just music groups, they were a way of life. Everyone had their favorite boy band and their favorite boy within that band. There was merchandise to declare your love for your boy band of choice — everything from school folders and backpacks to T-shirts. But what happened to those guys once the boy band bubble burst? Some of the groups are still going and for those that aren't, some members have launched lucrative solo careers. Now grown men, here's what these '90s boy band hunks look like today. This Wahlberg brother was one of the founding members of New Kids On The Block, a boy band you could still catch on tour in When he's not singing and dancing, he keeps busy as an actor, restaurant owner , father, and as Mr. Jenny McCarthy. He's released a few solo albums and even worked on an album with fellow boy bander Nick Carter of the Backstreet Boys. Knight clearly isn't interested in ditching the boy band way of life.

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